Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch

Your Family-Owned Buffalo Ranch in Colorado


 At the ranch, we sell quality meat from our buffalo. Our buffalo are grass-fed and grain finished, providing you with the best quality of meat. Our cow herds graze on pastures all year.


 At the ranch, we offer various activities involving our bison. From tours of the ranch to campfires and buffalo burgers, you can count on experiencing the best our buffalo herd has to offer. 


 At the ranch, we offer the most unique buffalo hunts that you can imagine. Set in the Colorado prairie, you are able to hunt a buffalo - be it either with a rifle or bow. This is a unique adventure which allows you to relive the historic days when bison freely roamed the plains.


 Buffalo meat is extremely nutritious and healthy. It is lean and rich in proteins and contains less fat as well. 

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Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch

23001 County Road 201

Limon, CO 80828

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TEL: 719-771-8742


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