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Bison Meat Sale

We strive to provide you with the healthiest and best quality buffalo meat that is on the North American market.

All of our meat has been processed through a USDA inspected plant.

Our meat is available in quarters, halves or whole animals. It is conveniently cut, wrapped and ready for the freezer. (Quarters will represent an equal distribution of cuts, as opposed to front or hind quarters.)

The buffalo meat is grain finished and all natural.

It is custom cut and frozen for your convenience.

It is free of growth hormones, stimulants and antibiotics.

Low in fat, low in calories and high in protein.

USDA Inspected.

Quarters, halves and wholes: $6.40/ lbs

(on the hanging carcass weight)

Cut, frozen and clear vacuum wrapped

Whole buffalo: approximately $4,000

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