At the ranch, we offer various activities for you and your families. Our main goal is to introduce you to our lifestyle with the buffalo and educate you on our nation's national mammal.

Touring the herd
Feeding the Buffalo
Heading to the Herd
Close up with the Buffalo
Tours at the Ranch

At the ranch, we offer tours of the buffalo herd. You can experience the bison up close in a safe manner.

The tours will be conducted in an open trailer.

Getting Close to the Buffalo

If you have ever wondered how the buffalo behave in a herd, look no further. At the ranch, we can offer you the most unique experience with the American bison.

Education on the Buffalo

Have you ever wanted to know more about the buffalo? We invite you to come with your family, friends or school group to the ranch. At Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch, we have educated many young people (and adults) on the North American bison. 



Would you like to host a company or family event at a buffalo ranch? We offer a unique experience for you and your group! An event hall and pavilion are located on the ranch to accommodate your gathering.

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